How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit

Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have hundreds of millions if not billions of active members. Reddit, like these other social media sites has hundreds of millions of members too. If you’re not doing it yet, when will begin to promote OnlyFans on Reddit? What makes Reddit unique is how tight knight the community is and amount of time people spend on the site. In Redditโ€™s Year in Review, they found that users average 21 billion screen views a month. That’s a lot content being consumed! So how can you promote your OnlyFans on Reddit? And why should you? Reddit has a more sophisticated audience than most social network websites.ย You’ll need to learn the tips we discuss in this article if you’re going to be promoting their before you even attempt it. Once you learn the ropes promoting on Reddit might become your main sources for finding new subs.

The secret to Reddit is clever marketing combined with upvoting.

Most don’t know this, the ones that do typically don’t talk about much. Yet, if you do some digging into Reddit marketing you’ll see people talking about upvoting their own comments and posts.


It’s really to get the crowd moving… After the first row moves and the rest will follow.ย  Having a popular post will get you into Rising or Top Posts where you’ll receive much more traffic. With comments it’s pretty much the same thing, upvoting your own comments or questions in the comments to get them more attention. The cream rises to the top in comments. You need a number of accounts to get the process going, but depending on the size of the group you’re marketing in, you might not need too many accounts to get started. Let’s dive a little deeper and start talking about the types of accounts you need to create to be successful with Reddit.

I want to walk you through the process of creating an account and making your first post on Reddit. Even if you already have an account I suggest that you take the time to read about the process because account creation is an essential part of marketing on Reddit. We’re jumping right into things here, if it seems intimidating at first don’t worry, you don’t have to understand right away. Learning unfamiliar things is always a challenge but I assure you this is worth your time and effort.

Build Post and Comment Karma

You’ll need 50-100 Karma to get posting privileges in most groups. Many will require an account age of at least 5 days some may even require 30 or more with additional requirements. There is no clear cut answer to how much Karma you should build and for obvious reasons you want your Karma on each of your accounts to vary. I have accounts that are years old with thousands of karma and others with only a few hundred that I created just the other day. I’m always making new accounts because with Reddit there’s nothing better than owning seasoned accounts with a lot of Karma which means you’ll always want to be making new accounts and growing them. For upvoting and marketing I purchase accounts through my private provider. Keep reading until the end and I’ll tell you how you can purchase high quality, high karma Reddit accounts.

Things to keep in mind when you’re marketing your OnlyFans on Reddit.

  • Don’t start posting immediately after you create your Account.
  • Don’t be a spammer. How you carry yourself is important on Reddit.
  • Join subreddits and learn the culture of the subreddits before posting.
  • If you join Reddit to spam you’re not going to last long.
  • If you join subreddits and learn how they operate you’ll do much better.
  • Take the time to learn about where you’re posting and post effectively.
  • Use a laser targeted, highly effective approach vs shotgun approach.
  • Sticking posts in the Hot or Top Posts results in getting more viewers.
  • Posting to reddit is more than uploading photos, the title matters.
  • The time you post matters, post when subreddits are most active.

Listen, I’ve been doing online marketing for 10 years so to me some of these things have become second nature. But, for new people I realize this can all be a bit overwhelming. The problem is, this stuff isn’t easy, so if you really want to be good at it you’ll have to focus, learn, and take this seriously like a job because marketing is a job. Just like your OnlyFans has given you an opportunity to earn an income, and grow a business, Reddit marketing can be extremely fruitful when done correctly.

Congratulations you made it this far, I’m about to start spilling some gems ๐Ÿ’Ž

How to Promote OnlyFans On Reddit (the real working way)

Make the Decision to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit.Most will tell you to follow someone with a similar body or in a similar niche and see where they post. That’s a good start. The problem is 99% of people promoting on reddit are doing it entirely wrong and many are risking losing their account or even worse being recognized and not being able to post in some of the best high traffic groups. I hear stories all of the time of people getting banned because they were using spammer tactics and I can’t help but not feel sorry for them.ย  I’m going to tell you how to do better at Reddit marketing by finding the best / most active groups and posting times.

First, there is the Reddit search. Although, I must warn you, the OnlyFans subreddits are not the best place to find buyers. If it were this easy I probably wouldn’t even have to make this post. That said, it wont hurt to get your name out there on the OnlyFans subs and it’s a good way to get your feet wet and practice posting.

Use the search to find NSFW image posting groups based on various things that you associate with your account. For example there are a bunch based on body type such as petite, busty, bbw etc. There’s groups based on age and ethnicity; just about anything you can image. Take some time using the search to find a good group of communities to start posting to… Then learn what the posting rules are in each community before you begin posting your pics and videos there for promotion.

Use these sites to find the top / most popular NSFW subreddits.

One of the biggest secrets they never tell you about Reddit is that the majority of Reddit traffic comes from the Hot Posts, and Top Posts, New Posts may never even be seen. Reddit is a community website where the posts with the most upvotes get the most views. Comments work the same way. With comments it’s a little easier to see how the voting system works because the top voted comment under a post will be at the top. Posts work similar to comments, but they have other factors like how timely they are, and how many upvotes they get at once which could move them into the Hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ posts, Rising Posts ๐Ÿ“ˆ and the Top Posts โฌ†๏ธ, which is where most Reddit subscribers are viewing. To put it simply, having your post featured in these sections means way more people are likely to see it & discover your OnlyFans.

Watch the new posts tab on an OnlyFans subreddit that has over 50,000 subs and you’ll see new posts coming in every few minutes. These posts are quickly buried by even newer posts. The chances of seeing your post if it goes into New Posts and doesn’t get the upvotes to reach Hot Posts or Top Posts are pretty low. You might get a little traffic from recent visitors but the regular subscribers to the subreddit will likely never see your post because they only check Hot and Top Posts. Hot is usually the default tab and probably where the majority of Reddit traffic is really coming from. If you haven’t figured it out yet, getting into Hot and Top Posts needs to be part of your Reddit strategy. How do we get there? Let’s talk about it…

Reddit Marketing is All About Knowing How to Optimize Your Posts

I want to share the first tool I use that gives me an edge over most people casually posting to Reddit. I use a Reddit Post Scheduler that does two things. One, it evaluates a subreddit and tells you the optimal time to post to get the most viewers i.e. eyeballs on your post. Two, you can schedule your posts from multiple accounts to go out at the exact day and time you specify (be careful with this).

Posting without the reddit post scheduler tool puts you at a huge advantage. You can try it for free but keep in mind the trial will be limited to only one post a week (which will be enough to try it out and see how it works). You’ll also be able to evaluate an unlimited number of subreddits to determine the optimal posting times with the trial level membership. So there’s really no reason not to sign up and learn the best posting times. Oh and one last thing this tool provides is the ability to make posts from multiple accounts. If you run multiple accounts like I do that’s a great resource. Now the only thing I need to login to my other accounts for is upvoting.

Finally, when it comes to posting from your accounts you’ll want to register each of your Reddit accounts with the Reddit post scheduler that way you can schedule posts for the appropriate subreddits from the proper accounts that you intend to post from. To link an account simply log into it, then login to the Reddit post scheduler and click the button at the top to Link a New Account. After you have an account for 30+ days and have 50+ karma you can create your own subreddits. If you think you’re the best person to run r/BBWCosplay for example, then go ahead and create it and and get moving! Being a moderator of a subreddit is a good way to get a lot of notoriety and visitors to your profile on Reddit. Managing subreddits can be a good way to build a following by being a leader in your niche. The more you invest the more you get out of it.

Accounts with greater Karma are given more respect on Reddit. Also, accounts with more Karma are trusted more by the manipulation engine. For this reason I tend to buy accounts with 1,000+ karma and use established accounts instead of trying to build up karma on my own. Login with your Reddit account and comment anything below and I’ll send you the details for contacting my account provider who sells high quality, high karma reddit accounts through Crypto and PayPal.



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