Sharing Payment Links off of OnlyFans

For whatever reason you may need to share payment links off of OnlyFans. One scenario that comes to mind is when you’re accepting money to do a S4S promotion. In these cases you’ll likely want want a creator to pay you with PayPal, but there’s one major problem with this. You can’t share your PayPal or Cashapp on OnlyFans.

Don’t believe me? Open up your OnlyFans Messages and try to type the word PayPal in a message to someone, it will be flagged instantly and tell you that you’re not allowed to share it. Most of you already know this. There is one way I know of where you can get people to your payment links without being flagged…

Here’s where OnlyFans Bio comes in…

With OnlyFans Bio you can create your own Bio Landing Page. The difference between this and commonly used services such as AllMyLinks and LinkTree is that you get a large bio image and a place to list the services and features of your page.

OnlyFans.Bio gives you an expanded biography, with a large teaser, that you can use to sell your OnlyFans. Of course, another major benefit is that you can put your payment links for PayPal and CashApp on your bio page. OnlyFans has stated they wont allow you to share links directly to payment apps, however linking to your own website, or your own bio page in this case, is perfectly acceptable.

Here’s what an OnlyFans Bio Page looks like…

OnlyFans Bio Pages

That’s not say you should use OnlyFans.Bio to somehow circumvent their policies and sell content off the website. By no means are we saying that, it’s way too risky. However, in cases where you need to share your PayPal or Cash App with another creator, sharing your OnlyFans Bio Page is an easy way to do so without using banned words like “PayPal” or “Cash App” in your messages….

“How can I pay you?”

“Check the payment links on my bio page here:

Use your OnlyFans Bio Links on Your Social Media

We all know you can’t put your OnlyFans link in your Instagram profile. Unless you’re a high profile celebrity that’s not gonna fly. Sites like TikTok will outright ban you the moment they catch your link in your profile. The workaround for many is to link from their TikTok bio link, to their Instagram Bio, where they link to All My Links or LinkTree and then OnlyFans. Still following? We suggest you do the same, only use OnlyFans Bio in place of AllMyLinks or LinkTree in the chain of links.

How is this better than AllMyLinks or LinkTree?

OnlyFans Bio is designed like a high converting landing page that’s used from everything from dating to even selling adult websites. The large profile image will do much more to sell you than the tiny little OnlyFans profile images as well. With OnlyFans bio you’re not overwhelming your visitors by giving them too many options either. There is only one button so they all know where to click next.

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