OnlyFans and Fansly Creators Get Your Own Model Bio Page

My model bio is a new website that allows you to create your own personal bio page, which links to your social media, and to the paid platform that you prefer, whether it be OnlyFans or Fansly The purpose of my model bio is to replace all the other link pages out there such as Linktree, AllMyLinks and Beacon AI. While these services are great, they were never intended for creators and were more of a backup plan when social media started banning OnlyFans links. You would think there would be a better way.

It was about time someone created something specifically for creators…



My model bio is different than all the other platforms because it was designed from the ground up to provide a service that works for creators, one that can help them get more buyers from their social media. The bio page of my model bio is designed around the service that you provide, as a model and showcases your features, such as your eye color, hair color, skin tone and body shape. Which the developers of my model bio say are the first things buyers were interested in knowing when they’re searching for new content creators to subscribe to on OnlyFans or Fansly.

After you reach the model bio page you’ll be able to explore a number of creators under all these different feature categories. And as a creator, you can get listed, and have your listing be featured by during the verified listing a verified listing will put you ahead of all the other creators in the list and it will also put a blue checkmark which adds to the authenticity of your profile. People are used to these blue checkmarks on other social media like Instagram, and Twitter, which gives your profile a more elevated status.

Try out my model bio yourself. It’s absolutely free to get started…

The premium feature of having a verified profile is currently at a discount, it’s normally $25 a year. However since they’re just starting out they’re discounting it for just $15 until they get their first 1,000 members (as of this writing they’re at around 150 members). The two year plan, which is normally $40 is just $25 during the promotional period. Which means there’s certainly a benefit to getting signed up early and getting verified.

Read more about the different plans here:

They just started about two weeks ago and the site is already seeing a lot of growth from Google and from social media like Twitter and Reddit. We asked the developers of My Model Bio what makes them think this site will eventually outperform the current leaders in their market (Linktree, AllMyLinks and Beacon AI etc). HERE’S WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY:

“People have been looking for this type of service, they’re finding our page and creators are lettings us know they like the way our service looks, the way it works, and what it does for the community to bring them more attention. Creators are seeing firsthand it’s working for them, and they’re posting our links in their social media bios etc.”

My Model Bio has an internal directory which is something you won’t find on OnlyFans or Fansly. We know there are other platforms out there and it’s possible they might expand to those platforms, but for now at least they’re covering the two major ones and giving a service that wasn’t available from the platforms along with a nice service for the models themselves.


Do we think you should make a profile? Absolutely! It’s free right now. We don’t know if they’ll charge later, they probably will when they reach their thousand user milestone, but for now it doesn’t cost you anything to join so why wouldn’t you? The verified feature is probably worth it too for such a low cost. It add’s some authenticity to your profile and makes it look more official. Verified users are listed first in the directories under each category which will become more and more important as the website grows.

We recommend my model bio for creators at all levels.

Our overall rating is 4.5/5 Stars!

Is there room for improvement? Yes, we think they should offer other to link to other platofrms like iFans or Pocketstars in addition to OnlyFans and Fansly. Perhaps even an option to link to creator’s websites since many are becoming platform independent. For creators who are on OnlyFans or Fansly we think it’s well worth it for them to create a model bio page.

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