Gaining More Subs on Your OnlyFans

This guide focuses on how to be successful with OnlyFans from a promotional standpoint. The information you’re getting here was gathered in collaboration with long time experienced social media marketers, entrepreneurs and successful creators in the top 10% of OnlyFans by observing what they do and speaking with them about their promotions.

Before I go any further, I want to thank the creators that allowed me to ask them questions, and even gave me trials to their premium pages so I could see how they use these techniques and what they were offering their satisfied subscribers. I really enjoyed being a part of this community and I was amazed by not only how good some of the more experienced creators were, but also how much better they were doing than many others who didn’t follow the same methods. While many try to mimic, without the sauce you’ll be lost. Following these methods is critical to reaching the top! My goal of this guide is to bridge the gap between the average OnlyFans creator and the successful one who might be in the top 5% making $5k+ per month.

From here on I may refer to OnlyFans as OF which it’s known by on social media because of the fact that links, and even mentions of “OnlyFans” are regularly censored. Why is this? While you might think it has something to do with the content of OnlyFans, the truth is it’s probably more because the free social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok want to keep people on their sites as much as possible where they can make money by showing them advertising. I’ve heard of multiple TikTok accounts being banned for talking about OnlyFans or linking to it without using a bridge page which we will discuss later. If this sounds complicated don’t worry it’s not and I’ll tell you more about how to do it later on, but for now stop posting your raw OnlyFans link to Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

Your raw link is the link that includes in it.

Facebook is known to ban OnlyFans links, I just saw someone mention it in one of the OnlyFans groups yesterday. Have you noticed some ladies are having their husbands or boyfriends post links for them? Or maybe you’ve seen some models link to their own website is just a basic page with a link to their OnlyFans. That’s because their account is restricted from posting their OF links, again be careful!

In other words: don’t post your links on social media.

We will provide you with alternative ways to post links later; if you use any one of the options we discuss you should never have to post raw links to your OnlyFans page on social media and risk your account being banned.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to sites like FB.

Creating New Social Media for Promotions

Creating a new accounts is good for two reasons: One, should you ever get banned for promoting your OF links, you won’t lose your main account. And two it will help you separate your personal life from your business. Even if your friends and family support what you’re doing it’s best to keep your OF promotion separate from your personal accounts. We’re not going to get too far into it, but there are many ways for you to acquire a second phone number and make new Facebook and Instagram accounts. Creating new social media for promoting your OnlyFans makes it easier to grow your business. The Law of Attraction states we attract the same energy we put into the Universe. Try to think positive and offer as much value as you can.

It might sound a bit harsh but there are a lot of creators on OnlyFans and if you don’t create a good relationship with your customer and offer value they’re likely to move on to someone who will be more compassionate. The things I’m about to lay out for you were not created on my own.

I couldn’t have completed this guide without the help and support I was given from the OF community. From the group owners, to the creators I saw hustling and climbing to the top 25% in their first few months, many people contributed and helped me come up with this big picture idea.

There are levels to this game and what I’m about to reveal to you is what the people at the top levels are doing. The concepts I’m about to cover are proven principles of marketing on OnlyFans, especially using social media. When you send a post on OnlyFans you have the option to lock that post behind a Paywall, even if it’s posted to your free page. PPV posts work on both premium and free pages to deliver content for additional fee to subs.

This brings up another pet peeve of mine which is girls who charge a low subscription fee, but then lock all their posts in PPV. Don’t do this, it’s not necessary, charge more for your subscription and deliver the value there! Of course some things will be PPV (maybe a couples video for example) because these things require additional production costs for the creator.

Other things which are commonly accepted as PPV upgraded include masturbation videos or king / fetish videos if you offer that type of stuff.

Overall though, try to offer as much content as possible included in your premium pages subscription. Give more and you’ll receive more in return.

The second thing, is paid customers can be trusted more. Sure anyone can spy on you, but most people who dislike you don’t want to send you money which is a good way to keep them away from your nudes by putting them behind the “paywall” of your paid subscription content.

In a way, your buyers can be trusted more. Should they try to leak your content after buying OnlyFans copyright protection can assist you and they will have information about who downloaded or leaked your content if it ever happens, so be sure to always keep this stuff as paid content only!

The last thing I want to cover is how to use what we call in social media marketing a “landing page” to promote your OnlyFans link. We use landing pages for two purposes, one it significantly reduces your risk of a ban because Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are banning people left and right for posting what we call “raw links” to And two it will increase your subs if you put a little more effort into it which I’ll explain.

Here is a diagram that I snagged from an underground marketing forum where account managers were discussing their typical setup involved for marketing a girl with social media marketing and a landing page strategy.

Essentially, all traffic is being funneled from social media, reddit, and sources such as xvideos and youporn if applicable to a landing page.

If you buy a promo service, chances are they will use the strategy above and charge you a management fee in exchange (which is usually 50%).

By reading the strategies in this guide you’ll have a better marketing plan than these marketing programs use and you won’t give up any earnings.

I’ve created a special website to help you create your own custom landing page that will help you convert traffic into subscribers and I’ll share it later.

A raw link is just a direct link with no coverup which we won’t be using.

The landing pages I see used most often are LinkTree and AllMyLinks.

However, neither of them will help you make more sales because unlike most landing pages that have some sales element to them, all these pages are offering is a list of links or buttons going to your other pages. A better way to use a bridge page is tell people a little more about your OnlyFans.

That’s why I created the Only Fans Bio site which lets you upload a much larger preview image that what OnlyFans gives you and also gives you a chance to list some of the services you offer and links to your social media.


That way, when they reach your OF page, they’ll know what’s on the other side of the locked content posts, hopefully motivating them to subscribe. Many creators express they want to offer premium kink or fetish content – yet their buyers had no way of knowing what they offer.  The OnlyFans Bio site lets you give potential subs more info about the services you offer on OnlyFans, so they know what to expect before you even attempt to sell them premium content.

Why not make the process easier by laying things out right up front? Don’t get me wrong, AllMyLinks and LinkTree are not bad services, I use them myself in some cases, but you need a little more fire power for OF. The creators directory will help you presell your content so when it comes time to ask for the sale with paid posts or premium subscriptions they will be more excited for the opportunity and therefor much more likely to buy.

Using the OnlyFans creators directory and making it a part of your promotion strategy puts you way ahead of even many top creators. While it takes extra effort to do things following these techniques, I promise it pays off in the form of more sales in the future. The strategy outlined in this guide is based on the same sales funnels used in other areas of marketing including porn sites like pornhub where the ads always link to intermediate “bridge” or landing pages before sending you to the page where they ask for the sale. How do you think I learned all of this stuff in the first place? It was by following porn marketing and what the top creators on OnlyFans were doing to promote. This is the flow you should use when posting your links from social media when using a bridge page:

Social Media Landing Page OnlyFans Free Page OF Premium

Expand your sub base on OnlyFans subscriber base 5 easy steps:

There are several ways to make more money independent of advertising.

1. Building leads: In our situation, prospective paying backers. Target more people and constant expand your subscriber base. Reach more people. It may be an excess of work if we do not optimize and make the most of all of our social media accounts and maximize all traffic channels.

2. Conversion rate increase: If more subs paid, more free pages, more pockets etc. are available. There is more subs for payment.

3. Boost the medium deal scale. Downselling, offering cross, downselling. You know these people? You know them? You know them? Do you know them?

  • Upsell – sell more if you want it
  • Down-sell – discount if you do not want it

4. Increase subscription price (raise your sub price when your content quality increases).

5. Increase the lifetime value (avg per sub.) Do you have other services you can offer such as sexting or GFE? Would these customers buy more PPV videos / pics if you offered them?

Have you heard about S4S and F4F?

S4S or Shout for Shout is where you do a shoutout for another creator on your page and they do one for you on their page. If you’re doing these from your paid account, you’re literally letting others steal your buyers. Buyers do not want to see ads, so don’t make them see your shoutouts.

This is another reason you need both a free and paid page. The free page is where you’ll do all of your shoutouts, and it’s the one you want to add people to if you’re doing a F4F and following another creator for a follow. Essentially your free page you want to grow as big as possible and then funnel those people (using your teaser posts) into your premium content.

Don’t do this kind of promo stuff on your paid page, you never want to lose your buyers. I know many people will try break this rule and ask you to do S4S or F4F on your premium page, but I’m telling you don’t give up your buyers or expose them to a situation where they might latch on to another creator. I see this happen all of the time too and it’s frustrating.

Your free page followers and your premium followers should be treated completely different. Once people “jump the paywall” and sub to your page, you should be giving them the red carpet treatment. Like they say, put your customers first. In this industry it’s important not to let customers push you beyond your boundaries. Set clear expectations for what’s offered on your premium page by writing a good bio, using a quality landing page (which we’ll cover later) and giving your paying subs higher priority.

This means answering DMs and inquiries from your buyers which are often opportunities to sell them more custom content based on their requests.

Your free subs might have questions too, but you should be able to weed out the people that are serious and help them get over any apprehension they may have about joining without much effort. Don’t spend all your time making sales, trust the process and focus more attention on making your

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